100 Years of Horror

Hosted by Christopher Lee, this program chronicles the history of horror from the earliest chillers and creature features to the modern era of horror.

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World's Most Evil Killers

World’s Most Evil Killers delves into the gripping reallife stories of the world’s most terrifying and prolific killers.

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The Culture

From visionary directors to hip-hop influencers, these creative figures are driving the culture forward in music, fashion and art.

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Who's Watching Oliver

An unhinged loner stalks the city searching for victims. A kindhearted woman offers an exit out of his murderous existence, if she can survive.

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Booty Camp

A variety of thorough lower body workouts to sculpt, slim, and lift your booty! Lean out your legs, trim your thighs, and round out your behind with this wide selection of challenging routines.

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Veni Vidi Vici

A provocative series that follows the dangerous consequences of a husband's choice to work in the adult entertainment industry.

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Videofashion Bridal

A series that features a specific dress designer’s best bridal styles and designs on every episode, from the runway show to a bride’s special day.

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Dezert People 6

Dezert People Checkpoint Six – Features former WRC Rally champion Armin Scwharz, BJ Baldwin, Chad Ragland, Jerry Welchel, Trophylite and many more. Also, check out insane highlights of CORR short course racing and Dakar Series highlights from Central Europe. DP Checkpoint Six is brought to you by Fox Racing Shox, Trophylite, Off Road Warehouse, Mastercraft, PCI Race Radios, Mad Media, The Fab School, Vision X Off-Road Lighting, Baja Junkies, Blue C Enthusiast Advertising, High Rev Photo, GoodYear Tires, race-dezert.com and JD Films.

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Tom Arnold: Past & Present Imperfectly

When Tom Arnold was 21, he worked on the kill floor of an Iowa meat packing plant & sure Tom had crazy dreams of moving to Hollywood & becoming a standup comic like his idol Robin Williams & hanging out with his new best friend Arnold Schwarzenegger but Tom was resigned to slaughtering hogs for 50 years like his grandpa. This special is about what happened and what life's like now for a 58-year-old former meat packer & father of two whose first two movies were with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robin Williams.

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The Advocate: A Missing Body

Things get complicated when a lawyer and prosecutor take on a murder case with no body, little evidence, and nothing is what it appears to be.

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